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8th US History Class Expectations and outline - 
7th Grade Class Expectations and Outline 
Computer Class Expectations and Outline



US HISTORY-This year I will be teaching United States History to seventh and eighth grade students. The Class mission is to enable students to participate actively and responsibly as democratic citizens in a complex and changing society through instruction and application of knowledge of the past, of other cultures, and of the social sciences. The classes participate in two activities throughout the year that allow the students to show their social studies outside the classroom: National Geographic's Geography Quiz and National History Day.

Computer Classes- The goal of computer class is to help  help students develop as 21st century skills that will make the students employable in today’s work force. Classes will learn computer safety and etiquette and what it means to be a digital citizen. The computer class will focus on programs such as inspiration, word, google earth, audacity movie making, excel, email and the hardware of a computer.

Digital Media- Students will learn about the world around them as they make school newscast to be posted in the cafeteria. They will also incorporate team work and learn a digital media program. The students will use several different video editing programs. 

Web Design- 
Students will learn some basic computer coding as they learn to design a web page using HTML coding.  After getting the basics of the HTML coding students will learn the easier way of making websites by how to create web pages using google sites. This class will learn through the use of Khan's Academy.